Our clinic

Cutting-edge personalized medicine

We work with patients to provide individual solutions. We are proud heirs of Prof. Dr. Pamukoff’s enormous clinical experience and continue research into topical areas like longevity, anti-ageing and obesity.

Prof. Dr. Pamukoff’s products have improved the health of patients in the European Union, Russia, Canada, Asia and the US. The entire range of his products is prescribed in our clinic in a personalized treatment.

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Where excellence is a tradition.

  • EPI PAM (EPIPAM)© – for the treatment of epilepsy in children and adults
  • DISOVARIO PAM (DISOVARIOPAM)© – for the treatment of ovarian dyskinesia, and cysts
  • GASTRO PAM (GASTROPAM)© – for the treatment of peptic ulcers, gastritis and colitis
  • GASTRO PAM A (GASTROPAM A)© – for the treatment of chronic gastritis with decreased acidity with/ without ulcer, dyskinesia of the bile ducts, lack of appetite
  • ENURESO PAM (ENURESOPAM)© – for the treatment of enuresis (bed wetting) in children

The biomedical experts

Years of intensive clinical research led to the development of cutting-edge biomedical formulae that can only be administered under medical supervision. Combined with the personalized medicine approach at our clinic, they are first class exclusive treatment.