Broncho Pam Series

The delicious way to fight colds and flu

The Broncho Pam© Series consists of Broncho Pam© Classic and Broncho Pam© Limited Edition.

Broncho Pam is effective for chronic and asthmatic bronchitis. Clinically tested at the Medical University Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria. In addition, further research by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has found that Broncho Pam is effective for influenza H1 N1 and H3 N2, the most common epidemiological agents.

Bronchopam (Broncho Pam)© is well known in international scientific circles. It boosts the immune system and supports the bronchial system including the tissue structure of the lungs. According to many mothers, medical doctors and herbalists, Broncho Pam© is excellent for both children and adults.

Effect: broncholytic, expectorative, ant-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect. Without side effects.

The innovative and cutting-edge research behind it, as well as its outstanding results, have been studied in many papers by different specialists including microbiologists, botanists and medical doctors.

AMERICAN BOTANICAL COUNCIL: ”Broncho Pam is used to treat asthmatic bronchitis. One study infected hen eggs and embryo tissue cultures with strains of influenza virus A, which is known to infect humans. When the eggs and tissue cultures were treated with the drug, viral reproduction decreased.”

Years of clinical research

Each of our products has been developed over 10+ years

Highest quality standards

From higher quality ingredients to stricter manufacturing control, quality is signed in our name

Award-winning science

Multiple awards for innovation

Higher level of active ingredients

Our 100% natural products have been developed with leading scientists to find the best botanical species

After extensive research and 10+ years of clinical tests, Broncho Pam Classic was launched on the market to universal acclaim. It is best used for chronic and asthmatic bronchitis, strong coughs and is also effective against influenza H1 N1 and H3 N2. Long-term application has proven to be beneficial for asthma. Clinical studies have shown that it has no side effects.

100% natural, delicious, helpful. No side effects.

Delicious, exquisite, natural. No side effects.

Broncho Pam Limited Edition has been our most loved product by children and adults due to its fresh delicious taste. The botanical quality of the cultivated plants in Broncho Pam is superb and has an exceptionally high content of essential oils. The lemon thyme and the peppermint, which were developed by leading European botanists, have the highest quality of essential oils in the world. Some of our plants are grown in the world-famous Valley of Roses, known for supplying the main components of such celebrated brands like Chanel No.5 Perfume.

These plants are so exceptional and rare that only 25000 boxes of Broncho Pam Limited Edition are produced each year. Furthermore, the Echinacea purpurea, which is used by Prof. Dr. Pamukoff to boost the immune system, comes from a rare species, grown by native Americans in the US.

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Broncho Pam. The tea that also warms up your soul.