Aphrodisia Pam

Aphrodisia Pam is back with a new, more powerful formula

Aphrodisia Pam is a clinically tested supplement for long-term improvement of male performance without harmful side effects. 90% of clinically tested men report improvement in their performance after 30-day use of Aphrodisia Pam. This 100% natural product is entirely plant-based, without caffeine, sweeteners, additives, chemical fillers and preservatives.

Years of clinical research

Each of our products has been developed over 10+ years

Highest quality standards

From higher quality ingredients to stricter manufacturing control, quality is signed in our name

Award-winning science

Multiple awards for innovation

Higher level of active ingredients

Our 100% natural products have been developed with leading scientists find the best botanical species

The product is part of Prof. Dr. Pamukoff’s scientific research and has been proven for decades. The good therapeutic effect is due to:

  • Androgenic effect, increasing the libido and tonifying the prostate
  • Good tranquilizing action, stress reduction, sleep and self-esteem improvement
  • Stops expectation neurosis in men with sexual problems
  • Normalizes testosterone levels
  • Tonifies the body’s blood vessels, with beneficial effect on ischaemia
  • Beneficial for the muscular system
  • No side effects

Re-awaken pleasure

There are many legends and stories around the world about the effect of Aphrodisia Pam, which is among Prof. Dr. Pamukoff’s most popular products. But the most important story is the one which will be told by you.