Cholo Pam Plus

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Preparation for the treatment of cholelitiasis- gallstone disease, dyskinesia of the gallduct with or without inflammation, as well as hepatomegaly- swelling of the liver beyond its normal size. It improves the function of the gallbladder, gallduct and the liver. Cholo Pam Plus reduces the level of bilirubin and cholesterol. It aslo improves the liver function and is recommended for the treatment of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. It has a slight anti-inflammatory effect. Clinically tested.

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Cholo Pam Plus is a preparation for non-surgical removal of gallstones that produces good results and without side effects or complications. In addition Cholo Pam Plus is effective for cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis, which cause millions of deaths each year.

They address these problems in the following way: they increase the tonus and regulate the peristalsis of the gall duct and the gall bladder thus facilitating the elimination of the concrements and improving the function of the gall bladder, gall duct and liver. They have positive effect for cholelithiasis and dyskinesia of the gall duct with or without inflammation. They can be used also for intestinal dysfunction and chronic constipation.

An advantage of Cholo Pam Plus is the improvement of the function of the gall bladder, gall duct and liver in addition to its anti-inflammatory effect. A pain relief is observed. Cholo Pam Plus also decreases the bitter taste in the mouth, reduces meteorism and cures constipation.

It is important to note that Cholo Pam Plus causes no postoperative complications. If surgical intervention is inevitable, it is recommended to combine it with Cholo Pam Plus, both before and after the operation. Phytotherapy for cholelithiasis produces good results in several months and this is the duration of the treatment.

Other advantages are improvement of the metabolism as well as reduction of bilirubin and cholesterol levels.

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Cholo Pam Plus has several innovation awards and Grand Prix, including from China.